MENU All Orders Must Be Place 24hrs

Cold Hoagies

Turkey & Provolone
Ham & Cheese
Cooked Salami (pork)
BLT (pork)
Spicy Tuna w/jalapenos 


7 inch hoagie, Lettuce, tomatoes, onion, mayo, jalapenos, oregano, w/an olive oil & red vinegar spread

Sandwich comes with chips

Price $17 ea.

Hot Sandwiches

Italian Beef Hot Dogs
Chicken Sandwich w/fries
Cheeseburger w/fries


7 inch hoagie, beef hot dog, boneless skinless chicken thigh, vegetable oil, flour, egg, beef Pattie, American cheese, brioche bun. 

Sandwich comes with chips

Price $15 ea.

Orders must be 5 or more
must be placed 1 day in advance

3 Teriyaki Chicken on a stick w/white rice, side salad

Blackened Salmon over w/white rice w/saluted onions, side salad

Salad Dressings:



Butter, cajon, teriyaki, salt & pepper

Price $20 ea.


Bottled Water

Included with sandwich


German Chocolate cake
White Cake
also available in cupcakes
Cupcakes $1.50 per cupcake
(Minimum 6)
Whole cakes $15.00
Banana Pudding
Pumpkin Pie (Seasonal)
Apple Pie

Price: $2

Potatoe Salad

Price: $1

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These orders are not on our regular menu
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757-383-2251 or
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PUL Pop up lunches logo without tag line

Catering service “Home Style” we call it home style because we serve dinner time meats like, like roast, pork roast, beef roast, shredded corn beef, roast chicken. For a family of 5 or more you purchase your ingredients, we cook them and deliver them to you.  Please “Tell A Friend” about us. We still serve catered lunches and can cater a lunch for your office all you need to do is pick your sandwiches. 

A Virtual Niche Lunch Catering Service

Ask About this weeks Lid Licker desserts

For Orders Outside our 10 mile Greenbriar/Chesapeake radius text

We have the coolest culture right here!

In keeping up with our flow/culture we have added a chat! You can even send a message or email to us if you like. We are a micro business that caters lunch or breakfast our specialty is hoagies but we sell regular sandwiches and other goodie as well, take a look at our menu. We offer three different ways to cater at 2 different times of day. Visit our  About Us page to find out more. 

Hours of Operation:
Monday – Friday 10:30AM – 4:30PM
Emails & Orders can be taken at anytime. 


Pop Up Lunches Banana Pudding

Bannana Pudding

Teriyaki chicken on a stick

Teriyaki chicken on a stick

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the ultimate blt from pop up lunches
pop up lunch fried chicken sandwich

The Ultimate BLT

A must have for bacon lovers everywhere. Fresh thick sliced premium bacon or turkey bacon straight from the butcher. Served on a hoagie style bun with all the fixings for a perfect BLT. What makes ours different is the care we put in our sandwiches, who says you care doesn’t have a taste? You taste ours with every bite. 

We still have hoagies!

Surprise your hard working employees with a catered lunch! We will come on site at your work place and personally serve lunch to your employees. What better way to show you care than a catered lunch, we know we would love our boss after wards. Get the details on how to schedule a lunch for your crew today.

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