My story is simple do you ever get tired of getting crappy food? Well, that’s pretty much what happened with the owner. One day she drove through one of the popular fast food places and got a whopper meal, even though Burger King says “have it your way” do you really? She usually don’t ask for any special request because she knows how “complicated” that could be in fast food restaurants. But what she did request that her burger emphasis on “burger” (just the meat) be hot because every time she get a Whopper the meat is warm/cold. What they did was stuck the whole order in the microwave and microwaved everything the lettuce, tomatoes, onions, all of it. When she got home and looked at the burger, it  was so gross that she couldn’t even eat it, she tried to call the establishment  but they kept picking it up and hanging up, to them it was a joke. After that she basically stopped eating from the fast-food restaurants and decided that she wanted to put her own product out there. She knew she made good sandwiches and folks enjoyed eating them, she knew that she would give people a fresh product so that’s what she did. She took the classes to get her food handling permit. Now she is sells her own hoagies/sandwiches. It feels good knowing her, her family, friends and whoever orders will get a freshly made lunch. You can help by spreading the word about this lunch catering service. #happyeating

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